SEE TESTIMONIALS Simplify OSHA COVID-19 vaccination and testing compliance and keep your workforce and business COVID-safe with SneezSafe. SEE TESTIMONIALS Helping to Keep Businesses Open and Employees and Customers Safe
SEE TESTIMONIALS Chosen by a Leading University to Help Keep Faculty/Staff and Students Safely On-Campus
A Comprehensive Solution for COVID-19 Symptom Tracking and Reporting
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Benefits of SneezSafe for Business

SneezSafe features a robust dashboard, providing employers information about which employees are vaccinated, have reported a negative test, have been cleared to come to work, and who need to stay out of work based on symptoms and CDC guidelines.

Benefits of SneezSafe for Business
  • Manage Compliance with OSHA Vaccine Mandate
  • Collect Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Verify Weekly COVID-19 Testing
  • Simple CDC-based Symptom Survey - Access from Any Device
  • Real-time Reporting of Symptoms & Compliance
  • Daily Text Reminders
  • Direct Connections to Care If Needed

Fast, Secure, User-Friendly Experience

Our web-based platform is intuitive and simple to use.

    Easy Access

    Quick access to the survey on any device through a custom web link, QR code, employer app, or text reminder.

    Useful Reports

    Creates daily and weekly reports with easy employer dashboard.

    Daily or Weekly Reminders

    Sends daily text reminders to complete symptom survey or weekly emails to upload test results.

    Data Privacy

    Symptom data deleted after 21 days, based on CDC guidance.

    Convenient Employer Dashboard

    • User-friendly platform
    • Access from any device
    • Easily accessed reporting: participation status and compliance
    • Verify compliance with vaccine and/or testing requirements
    • Easily input notes and/or clearance updates on participants
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    Take Digital Employee Healthcare to the next level with ZwellBeing


    Transforming Chaos into Care
    • Uses User Generated Data (UGD) to guide and connect individuals to appropriate care
    • Solves problems for both Employers and Employees

    CDC-Based Symptom Survey

    The SneezSafe survey takes only a few seconds to complete from a phone, tablet or computer. Questions are simple and based on the latest CDC guidelines. In addition, real-time decision logic is built into the tool, ensuring those with symptoms related to COVID-19 will get flagged for immediate follow up screening or directed to care - away from work or the classroom where they could further spread the virus.

      Who We Are

      We are a team of medical professionals, business executives, and technology developers dedicated to improving the health of our communities. So in 2016, we invented Sneez, the first real-time illness tracking tool. Sneez harnesses the power to data to keep families healthy and informed of illnesses such as flu, strep throat, and vomiting, in their community.

        Connected with a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) COVID-19 Community Research Partnership

        Our platform combines this national research survey collection with employer wellness screening. SneezSafe broadens the reach of the Community Research Partnership led by Wake Forest Baptist Health and other leading medical organizations. Researchers are working to better understand COVID-19 through short health surveys. Study participants will have the option for their SneezSafe survey answers connected to this study. It is optional for individuals and companies to participate. Some volunteers may be asked to complete an at-home test kit for antibodies to COVID-19. Antibodies are blood proteins your body makes to fight viruses and bacteria after exposure.

          Department of Health and Human Services

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          SneezSafe Helps Employers Comply with Latest Federal Vaccine Mandate
          SneezSafe Helps Employers Comply with Latest Federal Vaccine Mandate

          WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., November 4, 2021 – SneezSafe, a web-based COVID-19 screening platform, has transformed into a comprehensive tool to help employers, universities, and other organizations manage the documentation required for compliance with the federal vaccine mandate. The...

          SneezSafe Sees Renewed Interest as Employers Mitigate Delta Variant Spread
          SneezSafe Sees Renewed Interest as Employers Mitigate Delta Variant Spread

          SneezSafe is a web-based platform that screens for symptoms associated with COVID-19 WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., August 24, 2021 – SneezSafe, a web-based platform designed for employers, universities and other organizations to screen for symptoms associated with COVID-19,...

          Anna Schaefer Joins Sneez, LLC as Client Engagement Manager
          Anna Schaefer Joins Sneez, LLC as Client Engagement Manager

          Sneez, LLC, has named Anna Schaefer as Client Engagement Manager. In this role, Schaefer will ensure a seamless experience for clients at every stage – from inception and on-boarding to ongoing account service. She joins the...

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