Covid Screening Platform Displays Growth Potential

The platform is taking off quickly, allowing the company that built it to hire its first two full-time employees with plans to add staff as needed as the company grows.

COVID-19 Screening Platform Gaining Market Traction

A web platform designed early on in the pandemic to aid businesses in safely returning employees to work is quickly gaining steam.

Spectrum News 1: New App From Wake Forest Combats Coronavirus in the Workplace

A team of doctors with Wake Forest Baptist Health has developed an app to help companies keep employees safe as coronavirus cases continue to rise. It’s called SneezSafe.

Fox8: New SneezSafe program helps track potential COVID-19 exposure in the workplace

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 at the places you go to every day could become easier thanks to a new software. It’s called SneezSafe, and it was developed by medical professionals in partnership with business executives and technology experts.

WXII 12News: Winston-Salem doctor launches new app to track COVID-19 symptoms

The Triad pediatrician who created an app that allows users to browse medical data to see what illnesses are being reported in various communities, and more recently designed Winston-Salem’s “Mask the City” face coverings in the early stages of the pandemic, is now out…

Triad Business Journal: Triad doctors create platform that allows workforce to self-screen for Covid-19

Wake Forest Baptist Health physicians first developed the app to track cold and flu-like illnesses in and around the region so that parents and teachers could stay abreast of what if any illnesses were going around that might impact their children at school.

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