SneezSafe Reaches Milestone: Now Screening Over 10,000 Users Daily

SneezSafe is a web-based platform that screens for symptoms associated with COVID-19

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Sept. 1, 2020 – SneezSafe, a web-based platform designed for employers, universities, and other organizations to screen for symptoms associated with COVID-19, is now screening over 10,000 users daily and expects to pass 20,000 users in just a few weeks. The platform has been adopted by over a dozen organizations, including Wake Forest University, Flow Automotive Companies, and Richard Childress Racing. SneezSafe monitors users at over fifty different locations through its partnership with Wake Forest Baptist Health, as well as clients being served directly, and the company expects to sign another health system partner very soon. The tool uses the latest CDC guidelines to process user symptom data instantly, directing users to go on to work or class or to seek further evaluation or care. SneezSafe can be accessed via web browser on any device and does not require an app download.

“It’s no small feat to monitor the health and safety of nearly 1,500 employees at over 40 dealerships,” says Don Flow, chairman and CEO of Flow Automotive Companies. “When we began looking at COVID-19 screening tools, two features made SneezSafe really stand out. First, if an employee reports a concerning symptom or recent exposure to COVID-19, SneezSafe connects that employee directly to health care resources to get answers quickly and connect to care or testing if needed. Second, we can view our company dashboard in real-time to see who has been cleared to come to work and who needs to seek care or stay at home. The experience is user-friendly all around – from both the employer’s and the employee’s perspectives, and it’s an important part of our comprehensive COVID-19 plan to keep our dealerships and service centers safe and our employees and customers well.”

SneezSafe has also obtained approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to serve as a data gathering tool for the Community Research Partnership National COVID-19 Study conducted through Wake Forest University School of Medicine. This important research is designed to better understand the spread of COVID-19. SneezSafe offers clients and users the option to integrate with the Community Research Partnership National COVID-19 Study, and is pending approval for several other studies involving pediatric and precision medicine, providing study participants an even easier way to report their daily symptoms. Study participation is optional for employers and individual users.

SneezSafe users can receive a daily text reminder to complete the 10 second symptom survey which can be accessed using any web-enable device including a phone, tablet or computer. If the employee reports concerning symptoms or recent exposures to COVID-19, the tool connects the user to a wide range of employer directed, customizable care options ranging from a remote or onsite nurse, to an employer-based health clinic, to virtual care or even a nearby clinic, all in real-time– right from SneezSafe. SneezSafe also features timely reports in an employer dashboard, providing employers important information including who has/has not completed the survey, who has been cleared to come to work or school and who needs to stay out based on symptoms and CDC guidelines. The tool can be customized to connect symptomatic employees with the most appropriate and accessible care providers.

About Sneez, LLC

Sneez, LLC, uses technology and health data integration to help local communities stay informed and healthy. The Sneez brand was born when pediatric doctors, William Satterwhite, MD and Steven Hodges, MD, created the Sneez app in 2016 – the first of its kind real-time illness tracking app. The Sneez app uses diagnosis data from local physicians and urgent care locations to inform the public of a variety of sicknesses occurring in their specific geography, including flu, colds, strep throat and other common illnesses. This data is used to create a virtual heat map of illnesses circulating in local communities by zip code. The app also helps consumers and their families connect with local healthcare providers through scheduling in-office and virtual visits with providers, as well as equipping users with helpful information such as the wait times at their local emergency room.

In response to COVID-19, Sneez has launched SneezSafe, a workplace solution for health screening and care. The web-based platform screens employees and other community members for COVID-19 through a simple daily survey and connects them with healthcare providers for evaluation and treatment. For more information, please visit and

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